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 It has groups like Formell y Los Van Van, David Calzado and Charanga Habanera, Paulo FG y su Elite, Jose Luis Cortes and NG La Banda, Pachito Alonso and his Kini Kini, Manolito Simonet and his Trabuco, Sugar Black, Anacaona, Pupy and those that Son Son, Opera de la Calle, among others, besides the company PMM, through which equipment rental services offer sound and lighting.

Promotes and sells performances, shows of the most iconic bands of Cuban popular music, dance companies and small art units formato.Incluye in their shows and groups small and large format covering genres of popular music and contemporary trends catalog. And work in the organization and production of multidisciplinary performances to be presented in any space, taking into account their ability to adapt to the conditions of the different scenarios and expectations.


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