Eusebio Delfín Recording Studio: may there always be music

Eusebio Delfin Recording Studio is one of its kind in the center of Cuba. It provides recording, mix and mastering services, as well as experienced consultancy services of sound engineers and music producers; studio rental for audiovisual productions; professional listening service; professional programming, academic services, and lodging.

The studio is 35 m2 (7m x 5m), including the use of QRD diffusion panels. The control room is 20 m2 (5 x 4m), with a design based on the LEDE concept. The technology used includes amphion One18, Genelec 1031 and Yamaha NS-10 near field monitors with Crane Song Avocet IIA monitoring control. The software used are Avid Pro Tools 12 and Interface Antelope Orion 32+; peripherals are Buzzaudio ARC1.1 Recording Channel, Focusrite (stereo Micro- pre), Grace Design m108 – 8 channel preamplifier, Focusrite octocpre (8 ch Micro-pre) and Reverb Lexicon 960 L.

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