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The Pablo Milanés collection available in our stores

The Pablo Milanés collection is the result of teamwork and the integration of PM Record, the artistic office of Pablo Milanés, the Cuban holding Artex S.A., the Commercial Division Lauros and Bis Music, Artex record label.
Composed of 50 chronologically ordered titles, from the first, "Verses of José Martí", recorded in the year 1974, to the DVD, "50 of 22", dating from the year 2015, since 2017 can be acquired - complete, and also his albums individually - in several of the Artex stores located in Havana, Matanzas, Sancti Spíritus and Villa Clara:

• Havana Yes (23 and L), Vedado
• Artehabana (San Rafael No. 110), Havana Center
• Memorias Cuba (Bishop No. 360), Old Havana
• Bis Music (21 No. 459 e / E and F), Vedado
Villa Clara:
• Artex store at the Teatro La Caridad, Santa Clara
• Duty Free at Abel Santamaría Airport, Santa Clara
Sancti Spíritus:
• Specialized Music Store in the House of the Trova de Trinidad
• La Herminia (José Martí No. 244), Trinidad
• Artex store in the Museum of the Fight against Bandits, Trinidad
• La Enramada, Artex store at the Trinidad History Museum
• The Rumba (Piro Guinart, Gustavo Izquierdo), Trinidad
• Artex store in Plaza América, Varadero
• The Epoch (46 and 1st Ave.), Varadero
• Hanoi Bookstore (44th and 1st Ave.), Varadero
• Cuban Art (12th and 1st Ave.), Varadero
• The Parador, National Highway, Jagüey Grande
• Hatos de Jicarita, National Highway Km. 103, Unión de Reyes, Jagüey Grand

Of incalculable musical, artistic and aesthetic value, Pablo Milanes' collection includes 53 audio discs and five DVDs with more than seven hours of video. The public will be able to enjoy not only 600 songs of the singer-songwriter, but of all a visual and bibliographic testimony. They include photos, data, texts of their songs, archives of the recordings, musicians who have collaborated in each of their productions, as well as the original covers of each phonogram.
The project also has a printed guide, whose introductory words run hand in hand with the talent of the composer and performer Marta Valdés, who, inspired by the author of Yolanda, invites us to recall feelings, times and unforgettable moments, through Pablo's songs and his endearing voice, which has moved so many generations of Cubans.



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