Art and culture Academies

These academies are designed for the exchange between universities, academies and conservatories. Their greatest asset and basis are their faculty, teachers of the National Arts Education System, as well as renown and experienced Cuban artists.

The academies have the necessary bibliography and technological equipment, offering short courses, and art and culture workshops, certified for foreign students, with a duration ranging from one week, to an academic year, or longer.

Programs may be tailored to a student´s or group´s individual request, or based on previously designed courses. Paradiso coordinates lodging, insurance, and other ancillary services.

Location of academies: Varadero, Havana (Centro Cultural El Sauce), Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba.

Sandunga or Casa Cuba Cultural Center Project

To create abroad a facility gathering in one space, in a harmonic and comprehensive manner, a wide array of cultural goods and services, giving the client the possibility of an immersion into an environment recreating Cuba and its most representative traditions: its music, manners, cuisine, cocktails, as well as its best known products such as coffee, rum and tobacco.

ARTEX has experience in the development of such product, as it has a national network of cultural center throughout the country.

Eusebio Delfín Recording Studio: may there always be music

Eusebio Delfin Recording Studio is one of its kind in the center of Cuba. It provides recording, mix and mastering services, as well as experienced consultancy services of sound engineers and music producers; studio rental for audiovisual productions; professional listening service; professional programming, academic services, and lodging.

The studio is 35 m2 (7m x 5m), including the use of QRD diffusion panels. The control room is 20 m2 (5 x 4m), with a design based on the LEDE concept. The technology used includes amphion One18, Genelec 1031 and Yamaha NS-10 near field monitors with Crane Song Avocet IIA monitoring control. The software used are Avid Pro Tools 12 and Interface Antelope Orion 32+; peripherals are Buzzaudio ARC1.1 Recording Channel, Focusrite (stereo Micro- pre), Grace Design m108 – 8 channel preamplifier, Focusrite octocpre (8 ch Micro-pre) and Reverb Lexicon 960 L.

Cultural centers



MUSICALIA is the agency which represents and promotes small and large format popular Cuban music bands and their performances and shows.

Its catalogue includes prestigious bands in the different styles and genres of popular Cuban music such as Adalberto Álvares y su Son, Elito Revé y su Charangón, César López y Habana Ensemble, David Álvarez y Juego de Manos, David Blanco y su grupo, Haila María Mompié y su grupo, Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor, Osdalgia y su grupo, Descemer Bueno, Kelvis Ochoa, among others.

Its professionals are experienced in management of live Cuban music performance, exclusive contracts and international tour production.

Clave cubana

CLAVE CUBANA is the agency which represents and promotes small and large format popular Cuban music bands and their performances and shows.

Clave Cubana represents bands such as: Formell y Los Van Van, David Calzado y la Charanga Habanera, Paulo FG y su Élite, José Luis Cortés y NG La Banda, Pachito Alonso y sus Kini Kini, Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco, Azúcar Negra, Anacaona, Pupy y los que Son Son, Ópera de la Calle, among others, as well as PMM, the company which provides rental services for lightning and sound equipment.  .

Its professionals are experienced in management of live Cuban music performance, exclusive contracts and international tour production.

Bis Music

BIS MUSIC, ARTEX´s record company and music producer, focuses on Cuban music and audiovisual material. It commercializes recordings in different formats and supports, master licensing, editing and subediting, record executive production and co-production, and qualified legal consultancy on copyright and related rights. It provides services associated with the recording industry at the Eusebio Delfin recording studio in Cienfuegos: recording, mix and mastering.

Its recording catalog has over 700 pieces and an editorial catalog of over 660 musical pieces from the most traditional to the most contemporary creative tendencies in Cuban music.

The agency has been betting on digital sales since 2015 and has placed the majority of its production on commercial online platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and Cubamusic (online store specialized on Cuban music).


This agency promotes and commercializes Cuban art and professional services abroad. It is staffed by qualifies specialists, certified by the Cuban system of academic and cultural institutions. It designs and executes programs in the different fields of Cuban culture, through the hiring of experts and professionals for PhD programs, diploma courses, short courses, workshops, specialized projects and consultancy, art technical consultancy, postgraduate courses, program design and montage, and similar. It also facilitates the hiring of individual artists and professionals in the field of culture to perform services in their field of expertise. 


This is the specialized exports agency for the commercialization and promotion of Cuban cultural products and services: literature, music, crafts, couture, and other. It also offers modern digital services such as music and literature content, and website design and management.

Its commercial online platforms can be found on the domains and, and guarantees all stages of electronic trade, from product or service management with providers, to product delivery and post-sale service.

Ediciones Cubanas

An agency with two main lines of business: a Publishing House, and Cartelera, a tourism, culture and trade magazine. The publishing house produces a host of publications of a varied nature, written by well-known authors.

With over 30 years’ experience in the universe of cultural information, Cartelera is a monthly bilingual magazine, covering the most relevant cultural events in Havana in the world of music, literature, cinema, theater and the visual arts.

Comercial Lauros

 This is the imports division, supplying cultural goods to the Artex stores network.

Its innovative and creative products make it unique in the market, among them: Natural Cuba, Raíces, Cubali, Patatos (textiles), Arte en Casa (household products), Baúl de Sueños (products for children) and Cubabella (leather goods). It also has exclusive rights to the Compay Segundo brand (menswear and articles for smokers).

It was the first company to use the works of well-known Cuban contemporary visual artists, as well as the collections of the Cuban International and National Fine Arts Museum, on everyday household items and decorative objects.


This is the only Cuban Agency specialized in cultural tourism. It banks on the immense potential of Cuban culture. It is the official tourism agency organizing and commercializing programs for participants to events and meetings associated to culture and creative spaces in festivals, workshops and courses developed by prestigious professors, specialists and cultural icons. It offers, on request, academic services, cultural options, and other.

“Baila en Cuba”, the International Salsa Dance and Music Festival (, founded in November 2006, is one of the main products of its portfolio. Another project is the Culture and Arts Academy, for workshops and courses in the different fields of the arts.