Artex S.A. Art and Literature Promotion provides comprehensive services in the world of Cuban culture for business people, art managers, artists, art academies and professors.

Artex Artistic and Literary Promotions, in the year 2022

Continue working on the promotion and marketing of the Cuban cultural product, for the cultural development fund. To ratify the prestige and the achievements obtained, for more than thirty years, maintaining in the first order, innovative artistic and literary proposals preserving the identity, in addition to bringing human and cultural values ​​closer to the communities and the people in general, were part of the objectives drawn by Artex Artistic and Literary Promotions, in the year 2022.

Presentation to the world of a new digital platform, signing of international agreements, promotion and marketing of books, records, documentaries, cultural products. Children’s activities, concerts by soloists, troubadours, small-format groups and orchestras of high convocation.





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