SOIBSIRHIP, Dance in Cuba

Artistic and Literary Promotions, Artex S.A., through its Paradiso Cultural Tourism Agency, will develop from November 19 to 24, 2023, the World Meeting of Casino and Salsa Dancers and Dance Academies “Baila en Cuba”.

The event has a program made up of popular dance classes taught by prestigious teachers and takes place in important hotels in the capital and Artex cultural centers, making it an ideal setting for the promotion of Cuban products and the enjoyment of nightly concerts with the best popular dance music orchestras. In 16 editions Baila en Cuba averages the participation of 17 countries and 600 participants.

It is our intention that your company be part of the sponsors of this cultural program. The sponsorship will be according to the possibilities and the time for the relevant approvals that the entity has.

Having provided this general information, we leave you some sponsorship ideas:

– Financial sponsorship

– Media sponsorship.

– Sponsorship with objects/products for purposes of the event

– Production sponsorship.

Depending on the dividends that each sponsor contributes to Baila en Cuba, whether money itself or materials/products, they will be classified into:

– Gold Sponsor 100,000.00 cup

– Silver Sponsor 80,000.00 cup

– Bronze Sponsor 60,000.00cup

– Free Sponsorship.

Media Allies.

For our part, Artex will offer sponsors according to their classification:

  • Presence of the logo and a brief description of its products on the website and
  • Presence of the logo with a link to the sponsor’s website from the site
  • Presence of the sponsor’s logo on all promotional media for the event.
  • Appearance of the sponsor’s logo in the memories of Baila en Cuba 2022.
  • Appearance of the logo constantly on the screens that will be placed in the Pink Room of La Tropical, during the concerts.
  • Bag with promotional materials from Baila en Cuba.


Depending on the sponsor’s classification, Artex will offer:

– Gold Sponsor: A table for 4 people, with service included, at all the nighttime concerts to be held each day.

– Silver Sponsor: A table for 4 people, with service included, for 3 nightly concerts.

– Bronze Sponsor: A table for 4 people, with service included, for 2 nightly concerts.

– Free Sponsorship: A table for 4 people, with service included, for 1 nightly concert.


If you finally decide to sponsor our cultural program Baila en Cuba, in its seventeenth edition, we ask that you send us your logo in Corel Draw, as well as the description of your products and link to your website, to the email

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