SOIBSIRHIP, Dance in Cuba

Artistic and Literary Promotions Artex S. A through its Cultural Tourism Agency Paradiso, has the purpose of inviting you to join us as a sponsor of the Meeting of Dancers and Dance Academies of Casino and Salsa Dance in Cuba to be held in Havana, November 2024.

Dance in Cuba, has a program made up of popular dance classes, taught by prestigious teachers and instructors, dance competitions and Casino wheel presentations. In its previous editions, the event has had the participation of more than 600 visitors from 17 countries.

With your support, we will be able to successfully carry out our goals and make our work a reality. We are sure that this collaboration will not only be beneficial for us, but also for your company by increasing its visibility and improving your brand image since as a sponsor we offer you:

• Presence of the logo and a brief description of its products on the websites of Artex and Baia in Cuba
• Presence of the logo with a link to the sponsor's website from the Baila en Cuba site.
• Presence of the sponsor's logo on all promotional media and event spaces.
• Appearance of the logo constantly on the screens that will be placed during the concerts.

In addition to all of the above, we offer you a table for 4 people, with service included, at nighttime concerts.

We remain at your disposal to present our project in more detail during a possible meeting, if you consider it appropriate. We also attach a series of informative documents that can give you a first view of the Event and the benefits linked to its sponsorship.

Thanking you for your attention, we hope to have your support for our team.

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